OnePlus hasn’t put out what we’d call a mid-range phone since the OnePlus X in 2015 but persistent rumours say that is about to end with the OnePlus Z. That was until new information surfaced that OnePlus might forgo the lettering route and call the handset the OnePlus Nord.

That’s according to Phone Arena who reported OnePlus’ trademark application for ‘Nord by OnePlus’. If they call the phone that, then maybe the company has lost its head.

It’s certainly a bougie way to go with ‘nord’ meaning ‘north’ in more than one language. It could be in part a way to spice up yet another launch from the growing Chinese phone maker, who releases phones twice a year already.

Though Phone Arena pointed out that the trademark covers headphones, smartwatches, tablets and tons of accessories as well as phones, so this might end up being a clue to a whole new line of OnePlus hardware. The company’s current headphones are branded Bullets, and it has not yet made a tablet or smartwatch. 

It’s thought that the new OnePlus device could launch in India on 10 July so hopefully all will be revealed then. TechRadar reported that leaker Max J. seemingly is playing along with the Nord rumour:

After OnePlus CEO Pete Lau gave an interview saying the company will be making a cheaper phone, we’re expecting a 6.4in display on a device with a 90Hz refresh rate. OnePlus is said to be using the handset to take a fresh run at the hyper-competitive Indian phone market, but it’ll surely cause a stir in tech circles the world over.  

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