Do you want a good quality microphone in the budget? If yes, then it can be possible if you know all about the best microphones in the market. Blue Snowball is a well-known brand in microphone products but Tonor TC-777 managed to beat it with the high-cost performance and huge accessories. Which microphone is best for gamers? Which mic will be useful for home and office use? Here, you can compare the best microphones.

Comparing Tonor TC-777 and Blue Snowball

  • How’s the sound system?

The sound system of Tonor microphone is commendable as it can be used for audio recordings, gaming, conferencing, and all other home & office purposes. The Blue Snowball microphone has also amazing sound quality.

  • What about compatibility?

When it comes to compatibility, both of the microphones will work well. With Windows and Mac, one can easily use any of these mics. The difference between the two is that Tonor TC-777 can also be used with the Linux system and PS4. Therefore, gamers will be happier to invest in the Tonor brand. Even for the homeowners, it will be best to grab the mic with better compatibility.

  • Comparing performance

The Tonor microphone will provide high cost-performance to the users and nothing’s different from Blue snowball. When it comes to performance, both of the microphones will work amazingly well. The users don’t need to waste much time during installation as both of the microphones come with plug & play feature.

  • Which accessories will you receive?

With Tonor brand mic, you will receive tripod, pop filter, shock mount, power cord, and manual guide while Blue Snowball comes with a tripod only.

  • Looks of microphone

The Tonor microphone looks like a professional mic whereas Blue Snowball is a compact one. The color of the former is black and dark blue while the latter is white. If you want classy looks with zero maintenance, then Tonor mic will be best and if you are ready to keep the mic super-clean, you can use Blue snowball.

After checking the details of both the products, it is obvious that Tonor TC-777 gives better benefits to the users. Whether it is about the sound system or it is about costs, Tonor TC-777 grabbed higher points than Blue Snowball. The users must have decided to buy Tonor TC-777 and you can grab your microphone at

Comparing the specifications:

SpecificationsBlue SnowballTonor TC-777
Plug & Play (without the software)YesYes
Recording QualityGoodGood
Compatibility Mac & WindowsMac & Windows
Accessories TripodTripod, Shock mount, Pop filter, Power cord



After finding out the comparison between one of the most demanded Microphones, it can be possible for you to select the best one. No doubt, Tonor TC-777 will be the best option anytime. Being an entry-level desktop microphone, it will always provide high performance to the users. It will work well with a live broadcast, gaming, and conferencing. You should check out more about this amazing microphone at



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