Analog Motion AM1 aesthetic looks

I’ve slowly become a fan of e-bikes. At first, I was pretty indifferent about the things, but after some time with the VanMoof ES2 and the Cowboy, I’m a changed man.

But there’s one thing holding me back from getting totally on the electrified, uh, bike: Price.

The VanMoof and Cowboy will set you back around $3,800 and $2,200 respectively. Which, and let’s be honest here, is a lot of money. You can get a solid second hand car for that.

Anyway, it’s this aspect of e-bikes where the Analog Motion AM1 e-bike wants to stand out. This vehicle sells for £999 ($1,295 at the time of writing) — effectively half the price of the other two-wheelers.

The big question is: What do you lose with that price? Well, I suggest you check out the video at the top of the page. We put a lot of time into that, and think you’ll probably like it.

If you aren’t down for watching a video (which is a shame, really, because we worked hard on it), we’ve also put together some of the key points below. That, friends, is called doing it all. [JWPlayer]

What does the Analog Motion AM1 e-bike look like?

Like the sorta bike you’d wanna take out to a candlelit dinner, give your best sweet talk to, and then walk it respectfully home. Honestly, the Analog Motion AM1 is a genuine looker: