Earlier this month, Samsung began rolling out the June security update to the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 series, which also added new features such as some camera improvements and the inclusion of a dedicated Night mode in the camera app. However, users that have managed to snag this update are reporting an error when trying to use Night mode and claim that it fails to save the shot whenever there’s any motion detected.

Galaxy S9 (Review) users took to the Sammobile forums to voice their concern, but even that staff at Sammobiles has reported that this issue is present on the Galaxy Note 9 too, running the June update. It’s said that this bug occurs around 90 percent of the time, when trying to save a picture using the camera’s Night mode. It reportedly crashes the camera app, with a “camera failed” error and doesn’t save the image.

Some users have noticed that this bug mostly occurs if your hand shakes when taking the shot or if there’s a moving subject in the frame, like a passing car. While such scenarios do tend to happen, ideally the image should still be saved, irrespective of if the shot is blurry or not. Getting an error message when using a shooting mode doesn’t seem normal. One user also said that he received this error 90 percent of the time, even with a static frame and steady hands, which seems to point at it being a software bug.

While Samsung is yet to acknowledge this issue, switching the aspect ratio to 16:9 from 4:3 seems to temporarily get rid of this error message. Users have also tired “clearing data” of the camera app, which seems to fix this temporarily but it still throws the error every now and then.

Samsung began rolling out the new software update around the start of this month. The update added Night mode to the Galaxy Note 9 (Review) and Galaxy S9 series, along with the June security patch. The cameras on both series have also gotten the Live Focus feature from the Galaxy S10 series, which lets you add different background blur effects.

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