An image from a new Mandalorian video.

An image from a new Mandalorian video.
Screenshot: YouTube/Star Wars

Music has always been the beating heart of Star Wars. Recognizable themes, mostly by John Williams, are what give everything you see on screen life. Now, the same goes for The Mandalorian, where composer Ludwig Göransson created his own unique Star Wars sound to distinguish this particular story.

With the next season of The Mandalorian still a few months away, it’s nice to hear a bit of that score to remind us of the show we’ve all come to know and love. So, Lucasfilm grabbed Göransson and director Isaac Ravishankara, and created this beautiful video of the composer performing his own score, live, partially on the actual set of The Mandalorian. Which, as you probably know by now, is just one big giant circular screen.

That, my friends, is a cool ass video. And Göransson, who won an Oscar for his work on Black Panther, is a cool ass dude. We spoke with him a few months back about scoring The Mandalorian and, at the time, he was working with Christopher Nolan on Tenet. Since then he’s completed that score and will soon begin working on The Mandalorian season two, which is expected to be out in the fall. Read more in our interview with him below.

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