Network services for O2 are have been temporarily down, with problems reported for people trying to make voice calls across the UK.

Calls were down for a few hours early Friday morning, and although O2 has since announced the problem was solved shortly afterwards, customers are still reporting network problems.

Customers have taken to Twitter to point out that while O2’s network tracker suggested problems were resolved, they still weren’t able to make or receive calls – and also that the O2 community pages online were unavailable, although it’s unknown at this time if the two issues are related.

Users across the UK were hit by the outage, with the majority of cases in London and Manchester but users everywhere else also hit by the problem. 

Dave Massey, head of corporate comms from O2 told us ” Some of our customers were affected by an issue specifically with voice calls this morning but it has all since been fixed.” – although it seems not all Twitter users agree.

This isn’t great timing for the network giant, as the brand recently suffered a large outage in December last year – while this problem appears to be quickly on the way to being fixed, it’s not something that’s going to sit well with customers who are still disgruntled with what happened just a few months back.

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