Apple hasn’t had the best past couple of months, but the company is undoubtedly looking to turn things around. While we’re all looking forward to a new set of iPhones for later in 2019, before we see those iPhones we’ll see the operating system that runs on them, likely to be called iOS 13.

A number of rumors have been popping up about what iOS 13 will end up looking like, ahead of the operating system’s likely release at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June. Here’s everything we know about iOS 13 so far.

Rumored features

Plenty of rumors have hit the internet highlighting new features that we expect to see in iOS 13. Some of these features were reportedly supposed to be released in iOS 12 but were delayed due to bugs that Apple wasn’t able to fix in time.

Now, however, we may have a clearer idea of what iOS 13 will offer. Namely, the new operating system will reportedly finally offer a true Dark Mode, which will be system-wide, and can be enabled in the iOS Settings. According to a report from 9to5Mac, which cites people familiar with the matter, the Dark Mode will be similar to what’s on offer in MacOS.

Many of the rumored features will benefit the iPad more than the iPhone. The 9to5Mac report notes that iOS 13 will offer support for windowed apps on the iPad, and windows will be movable on the screen and stackable on top of each other.

Also on the iPad, iOS 13 will reportedly offer a standard undo system, at least during typing. The gesture will allow users to three-finger tap on an area in the keyboard to undo something, though users will also be able to three-finger swipe left and right to undo and redo. Safari will also get a few improvements — on the iPad, it will automatically request a desktop version of a website, preventing users from being stuck with a mobile version despite having a large display.

Apple Mail in iOS is the new feature to get updates, according to the 9to5Mac report. In the Apple Mail app, emails will be able to be organized in categories, like marketing, purchases, travel, and so on. Those categories will be searchable.

We will likely hear a lot more about iOS 13 in the coming months and we will update this article as we hear more.

iOS 13 spotted in the wild

While we haven’t seen too many official features of iOS 13 yet, we know that it exists. How? Well, if you own a website and have analytics software installed, you can actually see which operating systems and devices are visiting your website. Both MacRumors and BGR have reported that they are getting visitors on devices with iOS 13, suggesting that it’s well into testing at Apple.

Of course, all this says is that iOS 13 exists — we can’t glean any features from the data, except that it has a web browser and can connect to the internet.

Updated on April 15, 2019: iOS 13 will reportedly offer a system-wide Dark Mode and windowed apps.

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