These days, we live our lives in this always-online world, so it’s more important than ever to pick up one of the best gaming routers. You don’t want to watch your favorite show on Netflix, only to have it start buffering because your roommate started downloading something. So, you should go out and pick up the best wireless router you can muster.

We know, we know, it’s tempting to just phone up your ISP and demand faster internet, rather than picking up a new router. However, whether you need a gaming router or a wireless mesh router, the best routers are of utmost importance. Even if you have the fastest internet connection in the world, it won’t do much good if your router can’t keep up.

But, what makes the best wireless router, well, the best? There are a couple things you need to consider. Both QoS (Quality of Service) and MU-MIMO will make sure that your online experience isn’t interrupted by other devices in your home. You should also look for a wireless router that can keep up with your internet speeds – an AC1900 router should be perfectly sufficient for most users.

There are so many wireless routers out there these days, so finding the perfect one for your home is harder than it sounds. Fortunately, we here at TechRadar have tested all the best wireless routers ourselves, so you can be confident you’re getting your money’s worth. We’ve even included our exclusive price comparison tool, so you can find the best deal every time.

1. Google Wifi

The future of wireless networking gets affordable

Speed: 802.11ac 5GHz down: 101.41 Mbps, 2.4GHz down: 47.53 Mbps | Connectivity: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports per Wifi point (1 WAN and 1 LAN port each) | Features: AC1200 2 x 2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi, TX beamforming, Bluetooth Smart ready

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