UNDATED -- Tyson Hockley with Barred owl. MANDATORY CREDIT: Brad Armstrong (FOR DENISE RYAN STORY) [PNG Merlin Archive]

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Two-hundred-and-sixty subscribers later, with thanks to an unsuspecting owl, one of Hockley’s videos grabbed the attention of rightthisminute.com, the viral video show. Hockley sent in the video at the suggestion of his friend, Brad, the show posted it and it’s already garnered 11,000 views.

In the video, Hockley sets up a speaker on a picnic table in Quarry Park and plays owl sounds through an app. Almost immediately the magic happens: a barred owl swoops down, talons extended, and knocks the speaker off the table.

“It was absolutely majestic,” said Hockley.

Barred owls are very territorial — the bird looks more than a little put out as he turns his head to give Hockley a distinctly scathing look.

Tyson Hockley with a ticked-off barred owl. /PNG

“It was amazing — oh my gosh, I’d never actually seen an owl before. I wasn’t scared, I loved every moment of it,” Hockley said.

It’s that “oh my gosh” that perhaps best expresses what makes Hockley’s videos so charming — that wide-eyed sense of wonder, adventure and appreciation.

Hockley explains that he didn’t really know what kind of content to create when he started his YouTube channel — so he just does stuff that kids do. He cleans his room. He reviews his running shoes (“a little bit of dirt, but that’s a minor inconvenience!”).

And, yes, he gets into trouble. In one video, Hockley hides out overnight in the family camper without his parents’ knowledge, and — spoiler alert — even records the classic, angry-dad cameo when he’s discovered not sleeping at a friend’s house.

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