Over the past few months, I’ve shared advice on why you should give plenty of thought to your work setup, particularly if you’re working from home.

The common thread across most articles has been to find a suitable workspace — a desk in your home office or a kitchen table — and adapt it according to your needs.

Well, that’s all great but what if I told you that you could — and should — treat yourself and work from bed every once in a while?

I’ve not gone mad, just hear me out, please.

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Peace and solitude

 Open offices suck, we all know that.

Working from home, on the other hand, is great. But it can be hard to get your head down if you’re distracted by family — particularly if you’re in lockdown due to coronavirus.

Bedrooms, however, should be the one place in your home that resembles an oasis far from any possible distraction or task that will deviate your attention from a pending deadline.

Admittedly, I’m not advocating for you to WFB (work from bed) every single day of your life, but there’s no harm in doing it every now and again — provided that you have the right tools.

Get your laptop off your lap

So first thing’s first: You need a tray table for your laptop.

I invested in one from Ikea years ago and haven’t looked back — mostly because my laptop tends to overheat and because it means my back suffers way less while I’m huddled under the covers.